Learning anything is always a journey and it is the process is what stays with you rather than the final outcome. A beautiful journey for Gaurav with CATSShraddha Shah. This one year has culminated beautifully and it’s even more special as these are his formative years . Heartfelt thanks to Sharaddha , Ameya and the entire team at CATS for being so passionate about their work with young children. Brilliant that so many aspects like #speech#dramatisation #oneactplays #miming #creatingsongs #learninghistoryofart#mone #teamwork #creativewriting #agardenclassroom and so much more is integrated so beautifully. Looking forward to another batch of an amazing fruitful journey with CATS? Much love

Samara Jagwanee (Gauravs Mum & Director - Serra International Preschool NIBM Pune)

My daughter Meher was extremely shy and introverted. And then CATS happened… Meher has been a part of CATS right from its inception, till the finale in Bombay. CATS has done wonders for my little one… She has transformed into a confident, well-spoken extrovert with each passing class, and the results are clear and noticed by all. Can’t thank Ms. Shah enough for the big role she has played in bringing out the best in my child… So much so that Meher wants to shift to Pune… just for CATS… MEOW!!

Rhea and Kailash (Mehers mum and dad)

Nathan was fortunate to have you as his most unforgettable teacher in his primary years in Bombay Scottish . Keep that effervescent smile beaming always and that infectious enthusiasm for what you are passionate about and very clearly it’s education in its truest form for the new generation. God Bless you!

Natasha Borges Mendes (Students Mum - Bombay Scottish School)

My son, Ranveer A. Kamat, has studied with Ms. Shah, both as a school teacher and in CATS. By participating in (CATS), over 3 sessions, my son has gained both in confidence and character. Whilst thinking of Ms. Shah and her IMPACT on my son the words of our former president Dr. Kalam come to my mind, “where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in charater. Righteousness can be injected by only three great people in a child’s life – mother, father and a good primary school teacher ”. Ms.Shah your righteousness and continued presence in Ranveer’s life has and will make him a good human being, I whole heartedly recommend participation of children in her speech and drama programmes. Truly love you very much. Always.

Simmi A Kamat (Homemaker)

Mrs. Shraddha Shah-Raikar is extremely passionate about teaching and it reflects in all the activities of CATS. As a colleague i could see a distinct difference between other classes and the classes conducted by Shraddha. I have been fortunate to observe few of the activities of CATS. I could see how happy the kids were. Not only that one could see how carefully and meticulously the activities were planned. All of the activities were designed based on psyche of children and aimed toward a subtle development. i wish Shraddha all the best for CATS.

Atish Chalke (Follow arts teacher - Bombay Scottish School)

CATs has been conceptualised and executed extremely well by Ms Shah. Both my children have enjoyed every moment of the workshop and have grown in confidence and in thinking creatively. Ms Shah has had a lasting impact on the kids. Her loving and caring nature will go a long way in bringing the best out of them in the future.

Shuchita Singla (Homemaker)

Ms Shraddha is an amazingly warm, enthusiastic dedicated and an approachable person. She gives her best to the child and hence brings out the best from the child. The kids put up a fantastic performance. Shradhha plans and executes everything to the finest detail. We miss her and wish we could do more sessions with her.

Saloni Dalwani (CATS mum)

There are somethings in life,just the thought of which brings joy and excitement. CATS is one such thing which immediately brings a smile on my daughters face.Ms Shah is a wonderful human being and through her love,kindness, enthusiasm and well structured CATS program has transformed my daughter into a confident and outspoken child.She encourages kids to think creatively and makes learning fun. Many heartfelt thanks again!

Nidhi Karmarkar (CATS mum)

Cats has been a wonderful experience for Pratham. Ms Shah is wonderful teacher, her ability to connect with children is impeccable. Kids love her unconditionally. She brings the best of each student.

Suchitra Hari (Pratham's mum)

There are very few words to describe what CATS ans you have done to my girls,as a teacher as person,you make sure that you search for a special quality hidden within each child bring it out without them knowing that and polish the quality and make them shine on their own which gives them lots of confidence and pep.I know of no other teacher who is so involved with her students as you are,and the way you have an absolute one to one relationship with each one of them a special bond with each child in a way that they feel very loved very secure and very comfortable,we will miss u so much that my girls are already very upset but we also wish you all the best for your future life and endeavours.

Kahini Patkar (CATS mum)

Cats – words are not sufficient to express! Ms. Shah is very enthusiastic and full of positive energy. She imbibs the best in each of her student. My 6 yr daughter has gained a lot of confidence in her speech and expression. Thank you, Mam for all the wonders for my daughter. You have been the best teacher of my son too who is 11 yrs old.

Sonia Agrawal (mum of son and daughter at CATS)

Cats has done wonders for my child!!It has not only boosted his self confidence but also taken him at inter-school level in speech n drama.Each session of cats is looked forward to with great enthusiasm and eagerness.Will always be thankful to Shraddha,memories of cats will always be cherished!

Sneha Chandnani (CATS mum)

Cats is just the best of the best.. My daughter gunjan has learn lot of creative things . Her speech has just improve over night through cats. And shradha you are the best.

Shital Pithawalla (Gunjans mum)

Cats is a wonderful platform for the development of children not just artistically but holistically. What we appreciate most is the recognition of strengths and the encouragement to rise above weaknesses. And all this while having fun:)!

Pooja Narang (CATS mum)

We are proud to put our son with cats.it has made a huge difference in his personality.he has become a full on dramebazz.u have done a wonderful job in bringing out his confidence .he has become outspoken. i hv limited words to even describe how much changed my son has been.

Neil Chaudhary (CATS dad)

Shraddha is one teacher who just loves every kid!!! She puts in so much effort, behind every kid and gives every child individual attention, that it is difficult to find someone like her, ever! Durva participated in every CATS session and I can see the difference in her, be it the way she expresses herself, her diction, her language, everything!!!! And she had sooooo much fun at CATS that she didn’t want to miss a single class. This is one class where the kids had a lot of fun and learned at the same time. She truly adapted the playway method in her teachings. Hope to have CATS again in Mumbai soon!. All the Best Shraddha!!!!?

Vaishali (Durva's mum)

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