CATS LC,  Pune’s premier Learning Center, focuses on enhancing children’s cognitive intelligence. This method of learning helps in filling the crucial gap between the standard school curriculum and the inborn creative talent of a child.

While at regular schools children primarily learn knowledge, and at home they learn social skills & cultural values, CATS can be one place to enhance their creative skills.


Our curriculum is based on the belief that creativity rests on the ability to combine previously disparate elements in new ways.

We expose our students to a wide variety of topics deployed via a problem based learning or game play methodology.

At CATS LC, our students will be engaged in their learning using various play, dramatics, music, movement and have a great time. They may also be engaged in deep discussions with their teachers or peers on a wide variety of subjects. Our teaching philosophy ensures that our students are only motivated by interestsatisfaction, andchallenge of the work itself, never by external pressure.

Assessment is an important part of the curriculum. However, it reviewed in the light of their impact on creativity. Assessment is viewed as a tool for improvement rather than judgment. Faculty serves as facilitators and metacognitive coaches but NOT as authoritative sources of knowledge. CATS LC does use the formal creativity assessment tool for certain students annually. However, these tests are administered in a non-intimidating and creative friendly atmosphere.

We follow four main policies; a no yelling policy, a no physical harm policy, a kind language policy, and a team work policy to bring out the best in our children.


Parents are a crucial element to continue the growth of our student’s creative skills when they are away from CATS LC. We engage with our parents through formal and in-formal information sessions so that they can help their children to truly embrace creative thinking philosophies and principles.

Shraddha Shah (Founder)


The very CORE of her SKILLS reside in developing customized holistic educational curriculum to meet creative, innovative, and overall academic needs of children. Her GOAL is intellectual, social, emotional and cognitive growth of each child, with philosophies rooted in Montessori and play way methodology. Prior to opening her learning center Mrs. Raikar has taught across all the school education systems in India including ICSE, SSC, CBSE, and IB. She has also volunteered to teach underprivileged groups in our society.

She develops creative skills, and critical thinking in a positive, kind and nurturing environment and delivers this kind, caring, and calm approach customized curriculum implementation.

Mrs Raikar is amazed at the vision of Pune mothers, who have embraced the importance of creative skills development and made CATS LC so successful.

Curriculum vitae

  • Founder CATS Learning Center, Pune, March 2016
    • Over 1500 students taught and 42 performances delivered
    • Partnered with MUSIC TOGETHER – a US based Music & movement program for children aged newborn to kindergarten
  • Founder CATS, Mumbai 2002: Over 3500 students taught and 102 performances delivered
  • Majors in ECCE, SNDT Mumbai; Bachelors in Home Science, SNDT, Mumbai
  • Curriculum developer and Primary school teacher, Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai (ISCE): 2008-20014: Multiple recognitions by the PTA association.
  • Pre-primary school teacher: Billbong High School (IB), Mumbai: 2006-2008
  • Speech and Drama Instructor, St. Catherines Home, Orphanage for children: 2005
  • Instructor – ACE Institute, Rael Padamsi Drama School, Mumbai: 2002-2004